Bible Promises

BIBLE PROMISES. Two words that immediately alienate the bulk of the people in my industry. OH but those two words… they lead me to the fountain of life, y’all. 

Here’s an example. I flip open my Bible Promises book, which is a handbook of - you guessed it - God’s promises to us, and whatever I land on, like spinning a globe and choosing a vacation, I study that promise. There are sections on all our ailments like a medical DIY handbook. Depression: here’s the promise. Marriage: here’s the promise. 

I’ve released myself of my decade long relationship with New York, which has freed me beyond all description. I can riff on how someone else’s definition, expectation, even what masks as loyalty - how it all can keep you in chains if you let it. The lies of my industry very often made false promises to me, those of riches of the world and not of the riches of the heart or the word. So how can we remain artists and expand our gifts via the greatest Creator, and remain focused on the right treasures? I filter out the wrong promises - those that come at me like the feeling of a shoe sale or the salt on McDonald’s fries - I am calling bull y’all. 

What is today’s promise? I flip into my little book with my morning St. Anne Novena, and what do I get? THE PRESENCE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. 

For my sisters who do not thrive on the altar of Christ (who thrive in other places which I believe to be truck stops on the way to the altar), I can tell you that this is high-vibing. For my Cali pals who shuck religion, I can tell you it’s akin to riding that wave. For my multi-spirit friends who have a Buddha next to their crucifix, I can tell you it’s a big fat OM. You know that feeling when you’re laughing your butt off with a glass of wine with someone you love and ALL IS RIGHT IN THE WORLD while you have a good hair day and your skinny jeans fit? This is the holy spirit. I have been DROWNING in the holy spirit. My heart is so full I HAVE TO ACT on the hour. How do I put into action this light and love that is taking me over? Do shizzle for others. 

I pray for my bae, who is also in discernment for the marriage vocation (pack of angels’ verdict still out, for the record). I visit my friend and help her sit with her hospice-bound mama. I send one of you an email at all hours connecting our Good Works and recognize that in gratitude. I write and write and cry and play music and clean shelves and journal and am present in the word. DANG holy spirit, you are intense. 

So today’s promise:

A new heart also will I give you (check), and a new spirit will I put within you (check): and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh (um check, and how rad to say it is stony and not stone, which is a hopeful description, much like - hey you’re BEING an a-hole not you ARE an a-hole), and I will give you a heart of flesh (versus stone, this is better.) And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statues (me in heels heading to the nursing home, check), ye shall keep my judgments (honor thy father and mother, check on your parents, check), and do them. (Doing, thanks!) And ye shall dwell in the land that I give to your fathers. (UM, my huge wooden antique house is ten miles from our family ranch where I literally talk to scissor tails, dig up potatoes, lay in the sun, walk on the rocks, fish for the bass); ye shall be my people, I shall be your God. Ok Lord, we are chummy. I am on it. 

Refinery29: VPL’s “Exquisite Corpse” Collection Reveals Plenty of Life

by Sarah E. Lewis

We felt right at home at VPL, Victoria Bartlett’s line of outer-lingerie (“visible panty lines”), among desaturated tones of lounge wear and separates that were a fabric snob’s dream. With definite consistencies in silhouette and function from last collections, her thumbprint was welcome. Fresh updates of soft bodysuits in muted tones, slim-fitting trousers with dramatic jackets, and sweaters she called “armadillo shelving,” added to several chill tees and cardigans (we can only dream of layering so each day), her under-stated luxe made our hearts flutter. With surprises like massive art by Katherine Jebb—a sheer rendering of a naked female body accessories made of human hair, and accented with the jewelry of darling twin sisters Lizzie Fortunato, it was just delicious.

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