Photographer, fashion stylist, prop stylist, writer, producer, art director, and happy Catholic. I prefer to maximize dollars and time, to create simple and classic processes and results. 

I work in most mediums to create stories and efficient set workflow. I have worked most recently as a creative content strategist for a large ecommerce platform, and in high fashion and beauty production.

I am also Founder & Chief Creative Officer of my shoe companies: BOOTLEG: Market, Airstream and Newsprint -- a digital, retail and print world, which I have shelved. 

All work here is my photography, unless noted - styling.

I have a 100 year-old craftsman farmhouse near our family ranch east of Austin, Texas, and I am restoring a 270 year-old colonial in The Connecticut River Valley. I travel as much as possible to work and play.

Clients: Please click my LinkedIn Link

Loves: Catahoula dog Spud, salt, shoes, wine, traveling, cameras, books, my faith

On all other subjects: Nature is best, simple is better.

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